July announcements

4th of July theme week

Next week is Independence Day, so we will honor our great country in class by having our 2nd annual Red, White, & Blue Week! You can come to class dressed in your best patriotic gear & accessories. Who can look the most USAish?

Remember – we are closed at both locations on the actual 4th of July as well.

Scheduled closures

The following week, Master Fuller & Mr. K are heading to a Tang Soo Do convention out of town where they will mingle with & learn from grandmasters from Korea & around the world. There will be a ton of videos & pics from this event, so keep an eye out for that. Due to their absences, however, we have to make some schedule changes for that week.

  • West Chester dojan will be closed on 11 Jul 2019
  • Thorndale dojan will be closed on 09 & 11 Jul 2019

All of these changes are posted on our Class calendar & our Events calendar.

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