At times, life can seem dark. There are bills, all kinds of necessary debt, medical issues, lying politicians, & unplanned emergencies. Going through a tough time makes it difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel, & even then, you are hoping that this light isn’t from an oncoming train.

Optimism & resilience take effort. It is the natural human state to be pessimistic. In fact, this is built into our design & evolution. It was necessary for early humankind to view the environment as a dangerous place. This enabled them to dodge dangers & survive.

In today’s world, though, we have risen up from our primal roots to a place full of hyper-interconnectedness, self-aggrandizement, & deceit. Survival of the fittest is replaced with who gets the most views. As days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, & months turn into years, you can easily slide into a cloak of darkness, seeking to survive, sacrificing your own care for the care of others, while the motion of the universe carries on like clockwork.

This is doubly discouraging if your child is suffering from behavioral problems at home & at school. It then seems that your legacy will be devoid of any significant meaning. Will the only traits you pass on be the darkness that surrounds?

Since an apocalypse that takes us back to the survival period is not likely, you are left to wonder – how can the veil of gloominess be lifted? How can you restore your positivity, happiness, & shine the light of strength upon the pests of the shadow?

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