Becoming bully-proof

School started up recently. With a new school year comes new teachers & new classmates. With new classmates comes a new social order. As we know, kids like to pick on each other. It is nature’s way. Often, the targets of bullies are the kids who do not fit in with the mass of “normal” kids.

I was 1 of those kids. I was picked on in school, especially in the early days. This was 1 of the main reasons I was put in karate class. The rest is history. After I started karate class, the bullying died down quite a bit simply on the rumor that I was in karate class & knew how to fight back. I never had to use my skills, thankfully.

So the question is – do you know if your child is being bullied now? Do you know how to spot the signs? Is your child dealing with it in a healthy way?

Check out this article & video from 6ABC on bullying. And after you’re done with that, sign up for bully-proofness via 6 weeks of karate classes & a uniform for $69.

6ABC – Spotting and Preventing Bullying

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