Meet our team

Master David Fuller

  • Rank: 5th dan
  • Started Tang Soo Do: 1994
  • Day job: Tang Soo Do Master Instructor
  • Master David Fuller started studying Tang Soo Do in 1994, training with Ed Samane. Shortly after achieving 2nd degree black belt in 1997, he opened David Fuller Karate and became the leader in martial arts and physical fitness in Chester County.

Master Aaron Matt

  • Rank: 4th dan
  • Started Tang Soo Do: 1993
  • Day job: Software Engineer & Technical Lead
  • Master Matt began Tang Soo Do at Rancho San Diego Karate in El Cajon, CA in the summer of 1993, and has remained devoted to the art ever since. He joined David Fuller Karate in 2008 and began teaching shortly thereafter. In May 2014, he was promoted to 4th degree black belt, earning the title of “Master”. He considers this to be one of the top achievements of his life. Master Matt manages and teaches the Saturday class schedule, manages & teaches part-time during the week, & serves as supervising master instructor, as well as assisting with recruitment as needed. He is also David Fuller Karate’s social media writer.

Mister Kevin Kuszmaul

  • Rank: 3rd dan
  • Started Tang Soo Do: 2004
  • Day job: Martial Arts Instructor
  • Mr. K started training martial arts in 2004 at the age of 4 & earned 1st dan in 2009. He graduated Sun Valley High School in 2018. In free time, Mr. K enjoys watching the UFC and is also a big Philadelphia Eagles fan. Mr. K teaches the weekday class schedule.

Mister Morgan Unruh

  • Rank: 1st dan
  • Started Tang Soo Do: 2007
  • Day job: Student
  • Mr. Unruh is a junior at Devon Prep High School. He joined David Fuller Karate in 2007. He earned his 1st degree black belt in 2017. Outside of karate he attends Devon Prep high school as a junior and participates two orchestras and rock band, where he plays the violin. Mr. Unruh teaches the weekday class schedule, when able.

Mister Brian Petersen

  • Rank: 7th gup
  • Started Tang Soo Do: October 2018
  • Day job: Professor
  • Mr. Petersen assists on weekdays & Saturdays.

Mister Brandon Padgett

  • Rank: 2nd dan
  • Started Tang Soo Do: 1996
  • Day job: Martial Arts Instructor
  • Mr. Brandon was born October 17, 1988 in central Pennsylvania.  he started martial arts when he was just 7 years old for a way to get exercise and discipline.  Mr. Brandon fell in love with martial arts the second he walked through the door to his first class.  Tournaments were a big thing with his instructor and he started to dive deeper and deeper into martial arts.  Mr. Brandon was very successful at tournaments, enough to be selected as competitor of the year in 2001 for Junior Black Belts.  He tested for his black belt in the year 2001 as well.  A great quote that Mr. Brandon always tells his students that he took to heart is “In martial arts the real learning and knowledge doesn’t start until you reach the rank of black belt.”  After he graduated in 2007, he joined the Air Force where he served until 2012.  When he was discharged, he began to help a friend out teaching some of her classes in Delaware.  In his spare time, Mr. Brandon loves to golf, hunt and fish. Mr. Brandon teaches & assists during the week & on Saturdays.